Robyn Huey

Here is a growing collection of media that influences my understanding of sound in the larger context of filmmaking. At the moment, this is mostly theoretical, rather than technical. (Last updated 8/15/23)

Stretching Sound to Help the Mind See 

Designing A Movie For Sound
By Randy Thom

Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound
Directed by Midge Costin

A pretty comprehensive documentary that explores the history, importance, and process of sound for motion pictures. 

Norman McLaren: Pen Point Percussion

An introduction to the hand-drawn sounds of Norman McLaren. Prepared by Don Peters and Lorne Batchelor. 1951.
A fun way to learn how to interpret sound waves if you’re a visual learner. Norman McLaren’s work is also just really cool. He was making electronic music before the invention of synthesizers by drawing on optical tape. 

Film Sound: Theory and Practice
Edited by Elisabeth Weis (Editor) and John Belton (Editor)
A collection of essays ranging from the history of sound in motion pictures to different ways filmmakers have approached the use of sound.

Film Directing: Shot by Shot - 25th Anniversary Edition: Visualizing from Concept to Screen
by Steve D. Katz
There are several books out there about visual storytelling and planning shots. This is just one that I was required to buy for a class. I mostly found this useful for booming and knowing what’s going on. For example, if I can’t boom a wide angle shot, I feel okay because I know we’ll probably go in for coverage on a tighter shot. This also helped me understand lenses and using that information to determine how close I can get with my boom. 

In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing
by Walter Murch
I’m just a big fan of Walter Murch and how he views cuts like blinking and how a blink is us digesting a piece of information.

Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art
by John Purcell
I’m still reading this, but so far, it gave me insight into the history of syncing sound to picture and the process of going from picture edit to sound edit.

Update 8/15/23: I’ve read through chapter 13. Some of the technological information is a little dated, but everything else has given me an understanding of how the entire post-production sound process goes on larger projects. Knowing what a dialogue editor deals with in post helps inform my work as a production sound mixer. 

The scientists coaxing back nature with sound
by Katherine Latham
This isn’t about filmmaking, but wouldn’t it be cool if your job was recording and designing “seabird discotheques”? A great example of how sound impacts the natural world and the powerful impact of this invisible force.

Ren Klyce on sound part 1
Ren Klyce on sound part 2
Ren Klyce is known for his sound design work on David Fincher projects. I love his work and how he’s influenced by musique concrète.