Robyn Huey

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Sound Department Boom Operator / Sound Utility / A2

Scripted Television
American Horror Story, The Blacklist, FBI: Most Wanted, Law & Order: Organized Crime, New Amsterdam, The Other TWo 

Reality Television
Drag Me to Dinner, Summer House s.8

Feature Film
Blue Light (Post-Production)
Director: Andy Fickman

Production Sound Mixer

Brain Freeze (Post-Production)
Short Film: Kelsey Comeau

Credit: Production Sound Mixer

Limbitless Solutions (Post-Production)
EPK / Client: CRY 

Credit: Location Sound Mixer

Short Film / Director: Marielle Ingram

Credit: Production Sound Mixer

Fling (Post-Production)
Short Film / Director: Christian Foley

Credit: Additional Sound Mixer

The Empresses’ New IUD (Post-Production)

Credit: Location Sound Mixer

Electrify 23 
EPK / Client: GreenBiz

Credit: Location Sound Mixer

You Don’t Have To Like Me (Post-Production)
Short Film / Director: Safiyah Chiniere

Credit: Production Sound Mixer

Growing Boy (Post-Production)
Short Film / Director: Seamus Mulhern

Credit: Production Sound Mixer, Post Production Sound

Mother Future Self (Post-Production)
Feature / Director: Tori Lancaster

Credit: Additional Sound Mixer

Beautiful & Neat Room (In Production)
Feature / Director: Maria Petschnig

Credit: Additional Sound Mixer

Go Down On Me Or Die (Post-Production)
Micro Series / Creators: Maarit Hara & Marina Gasparyan

Go Down On Me Or Die is a dark comedy and a female revenge fantasy that explores the absurdity of human behavior and sexual relationships.

Betty & Blue 
Short Film / Director: Cole Swanson

A Black musician, now in the later stages of his life, harks back to the magical moments in his childhood, career, and his relationship with his father who introduced him to his first true love: his trumpet named Betty.

Sweet Green
Short Film / Director: Phillip Vernon

A couple on the rocks hopes a simple night out at the movies will smooth things over, but things get dicey when they're hangry and running late.

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Andrew Schneider and the Ever-expanding Cosmos: Next Wave 2022
EPK / Brooklyn Academy of Music

Theater, video, and installation pioneer Andrew Schneider talks about the concepts that led to his development of N O W I S W H E N W E A R E (the stars). Through movement, narrative, and the room’s enveloping sound, this new work invites viewers to explore traces of light in themselves and the universe.

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Sympathy for the Devil (Post-Production)
Short Film / Director: Helena Holland Breger

Short slice-of-life drama exploring the themes of rape apologism and female solidarity.

Short Film / Director: Alexandre Jerard

After delaying a drug test with his parole officer, a relapsed addict must set out to find clean urine at the risk of losing custody of his son.

Vermont (Post-Production)
Short Film / Director: Joseph Barglowski

Desires are displaced in the aftermath of a trip.  

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And What If I Am?
Short Film / Director: Bryan Powers

Tim, a bullied and isolated teen searching for acceptance, takes a risk and spends a day with Josh, a mysterious new student at his school, despite not knowing Josh's intentions and unsure if he can trust his own. A bittersweet LGBTQ+ short film.

Festival Screenings: Virginia Queer Film Festival 2023QFest St. Louis 2023Pune International Queer Film Festival 2023, Pride Film Fest 2023, Silicon Valley Queer Film Festial 2023, Virginia Queer Film Festival 2023

Short Film / Director: Jeanne Froissart

The film depicts the stories of two young women, Alice and Gia, who differ by their personalities and upbringings, but who are similar in their choice to refuse to comply to what the patriarcal society expects of them.

Taking place in New York - the city of blatant capitalism and consumerism, the film makes us question - aren't we all simple commodities on the dating market?

Festival Screenings: Big Apple Film Festival 2023

The Last Advil
Short Film / Director: Jake Shiptenko

Two roommates must get through a day with their toxic friend Charles as they put on a party for the massive bottle of Advil they recently finished.

Prisoner’s Ransom
Short Film / Director: Sam Cleary

Twenty-two-year-old Jaime Wilson has become the prisoner of his own mind. He's being held ransom by a deranged criminal doppelgänger, the double, who demands Jaime's father pay $25,000 for his release.

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Short Film / Director: Ayoub El Jamal

Shortly after losing her life partner, Ava is diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s. As she continues to navigate through life alone and comes to realize what her condition implies, she decides to take control over what remains of her life.

Festival Screenings: Alexandria Short Film Festival 2023, Hollywood Short Film Festival 2023, Shanghai Short Film Festival 2022, Queens World Film Festival 2022, Big Apple Film Festival 2022, Rabat Author Film Festival 2022, New York Shorts International Film Festival 2022